Biltmore Estate

A road trip within a road trip.

The main road trip was to visit my friend Susan in Indianapolis. Yes, I drove from Spokane to Indy. In November. Am I crazy or what? There were a couple of reasons for making it a road trip. The first was so that Gus could see “his buds.” And yes, I drove 2000 miles with a 95 pound dog in my back seat. Eyes rolled when I told people I was doing that. Gus had great fun together with Calvin (the hound dog), and Tara (the nasty little white one) for the year that Susan lived in Spokane.

The second reason for making it a road trip was so that I wouldn’t have to pay extra to change airline tickets. That’s a problem when you aren’t sure when you’re returning. The third reason was that Susan seemed to want to keep me around longer. Hey, it’s tough when you live alone! Tell me about it!

Well, eyes also rolled when I told people that I was driving that far in November. One of mu uncles worked in Montana for the Forest Service for many years. I could just see him counting the number of mountain passes in Montana.

The second road trip was from Indy to Charleston, actually Isle of Palms. Four of us piled into Susan’s car. Joining us were Susan’s college roommate Barb and a friend Linda. The purported purpose of the trip was Susan’s continuing training required for her job. We DID let her go to her classes while we slept late, made big breakfasts, walked along the beach, went to the fitness center, etc.

So much for all that. We stopped by the Biltmore Estate in NC on the way to Charleston. So here we are: me, Susan, Barb, and Linda. Woo Hoo!

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